COVID 19 : Une époque étonnante

Nota : j’ai découpé ma réflexion en plusieurs articles un peu comme un fil Twitter pour éviter l’effet de “pavé”. C’est déjà assez long comme ça. Il faut bien reconnaître que nous vivons une époque étonnante qui pousse à son paroxysme la mode que j’appellerais “éditorialiste” : On abreuve les téléspectateurs d’émissions présentées sous forme …

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PRM21 : My 2nd Campaign Message

Dear Members of the District Council, Club Presidents, VP Eds,. I am Pascal VILAREM, CC, ALB I am your candidate for the position of Public Relations Manager for the coming Toastmaster year. And I will need your vote at the coming District Council meeting this Saturday. Why should you support me ? My Toastmaster journey has …

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PRM2021 : My first campaign message

Dear District Leaders, Dear Presidents and VP Education of District 59,Dear Fellow Toastmasters, I have been nominated candidate for the position of Public Relations Manager (PRM) by the District Leadership Committee. Hence I’m running for election for this role at the Online District Council Meeting on 8th May 2021Since 2014 I have been a Toastmaster …

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What can a PRM bring to clubs ?

A PRM (Public Relations Manager) is responsible for public relations. The District PRM is responsible for coordinating an “active” public relations and advertising program in the district. It is therefore not only a matter of institutional public relations or spokesperson but of the animation of an active program of communication and publicity to make Toastmasters …

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Candidate for District PRM

The last DECM of the Toastmasters year has taken place and the news is out: The [tooltip style = “yellow” position = “top” shadow = “no” rounded = “no” size = “default” title = “District Leadership Committee” content = “The District Leadership Committee, or DLC, is a taskforce formed each year to recruit and select …

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