Tech & lead.

Technology can serve leadership but, more important, technology needs leadership and vision to serve for the good of Humanity. .

Tech & lead themes

Leadership & Public speaking

Learn more about my speaker & leader journey with Toastmasters.

Mageia Linux

Mandrake linux, then Mandriva and now Mageia. Learn more about the Community Driven RPM Linux distribution both user friendly and ready for business.

Opensource & free software

Opensource & free software are everywhere from your android mobile to the International Space Station .


My Story

I’m a french engineer working in Opensource and Free Software field and, passionate about leadership and public speaking, Mageia Linux and Opensource Software.

As a Toastmasters I have played a lot of roles : Club VPE, Club President, Area Director, Dvision Director, Parliamentarian, District Conference Chair, District Administration Manager, District IT Manager.

As a contributor for Mageia Linux I have played severa roles : 1st Forum Team Leader, System Administrators Team Leader, and lastly Treasurer of the official Mageia Not-for-profit organisation.

As an manager and IT expert in my company I support and coordinate our teams of experts. We help big customers to achieve huge websites projects or implement new digital strategies…

I’m passionate about a lot more things but that would need a full story to tell..

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