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The last DECM of the Toastmasters year has taken place and the news is out: The [tooltip style = “yellow” position = “top” shadow = “no” rounded = “no” size = “default” title = “District Leadership Committee” content = “The District Leadership Committee, or DLC, is a taskforce formed each year to recruit and select candidates for officer positions in the district : Area Directors, Division Directors, or member of the ‘Core Team’. the DLC is recruited in such a way as to guarantee a fair and impartial nomination process. ” behavior = “click” close = “yes” class = “”]DLC*[/tooltip] supported my candidacy for the role of District PRM for the year 2021-2022 which will begin on July 1st.

For those not familiar with all of these terms and roles District PRM means “District Public Relations Manager”.

And the District (ours is N ° 59 which covers Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco, France and the Netherlands) is the not-for-profit organization which supports the development of Toastmasters clubs in a defined perimeter.

This is a step taken, there remains an important one: among the selected candidates the final choice is made by a vote at the District Council Meeting where each Club has two votes, that of its VP Education and that of its President. The next one will take place in early May for us.

Until the date of the vote I am now offered the opportunity to practice a really extra-ordinary exercise: “campaigning”. This is all the more interesting since it is new to me.

I am at ease in the digital world like a fish in water, and I bathe daily in the world of websites, I interact with the communication departments of my customers to meet their needs with which I am hence familiar. And the field of [tooltip style = “yellow” position = “top” shadow = “no” rounded = “no” size = “default” title = “Search Engine Optimization” content = “SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. This domain of web sites mastering covers the art of getting well referenced on web sites for specific keywords. And among search engines Google, by far the most used of search engines, is often the one to invest efforts on.” behavior = “click” close = “yes” class = “”]SEO*[/tooltip], audience measurement, natural referencing and the development of brand visibility are among my strengths. Putting this knowledge at the service of the District as PRM for a more targeted and even more effective public communication than it is today could, I believe, bring very beneficial results. Before I can prove my point with facts and results, I must be chosen.

A challenge to be taken seriously. And all the more interesting because I have everything to learn in the art of campaigning.

After the pleasure of being nominated, it’s time to work on this new kind of challenge. If a politician linger on this post for a few minutes, it will undoubtedly make her/him smile. But I will take it very seriously. Out of respect for the Toastmasters world to which I already owe a lot. Because it is by putting my heart and energy into it that I will learn the most from this experience. And because it will give me the best chance of being able to take up the next challenge: a year as a PRM and I admit that it makes me very keen to take up this challenge.

I will publish with the tag “PRM Campaign 2021” a whole series of posts that will allow people to follow my learning path, my doubts and my progress until the moment of the “DCM”.

I hope to find on this path supports, ideas, meetings, life lessons and hopefully… success too!

Looking forward,

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  1. Hello Pascal. Very tight and lucid text. Tell me. Is this the basis for a speech ? There a couple of very minor modifications to your English (nothing that will impact your message). Tell me how I can best accompany you. Wishing you lots of luck and success in this exciting event.

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